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Expert Cosmetic Dentistry Services

A variety of life-changing services fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. These services are designed to improve the appearance and function of your teeth, as well as protect you from future oral issues due to imperfections that make daily care challenging. If you have oral issues that cause discomfort or embarrassment when you smile, our team can help. Our Brentwood dentists provide these services.


Dental Veneers

Veneers »

Thin coverings placed on the front of the teeth to correct imperfections like stains, discoloration, and chipped or worn teeth

Dental Crowns

crowns »

A cap placed over a damaged tooth to correct issues like poor shape, damage, weakness, and large fillings (Crowns are also used to support bridges for missing teeth)

Dental Bridges

bridges »

A false tooth held in place by the surrounding healthy teeth with the use of crowns 

Dental Veneers

Dentures »

Removable replacements for missing teeth

Dental Crowns

Implant Placement & Restoration »

The installation of false teeth that are surgically implanted into the jawbone to act as natural teeth

Dental Bridges

Full Mouth Reconstruction »

Dental treatment that affects all teeth in the mouth which may include a variety of different services to restore your smile, oral health, and full function of your teeth

Dental Root Canals

root canals »

Dental procedure designed to remove infection from the tooth’s root and save the natural tooth

Dental Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening »

Professional lightening to remove stains or discoloration

Dental Wisdom tooth removal

wisdom teeth removal »

The surgical removal of damaged, impacted, infected, or poorly placed wisdom teeth

Bone Grafting and Regeneration »

Techniques used to help those suffering from bone loss.

Dental Invisalign

Invisalign »

A series of clear aligners used to straighten out crooked teeth

Brentwood Dental Spa

Your smile says a lot about you. It shares your happiness and makes those around you feel happier too. Unfortunately, if you have problem teeth or other oral issues, you may not smile even when you’re feeling happy. Cosmetic dentistry changes your appearance, but it also improves your confidence and even your overall health. A smile makeover changes the way you perceive yourself and can change your relationships with others as well. Stop frowning to cover up imperfections in your teeth. A smile makeover changes the way you perceive yourself and can change your relationships with others as well.

Stop frowning to cover up imperfections in your teeth. All too often, our patients hear the term cosmetic dentistry and think the services aren’t necessary. There are many reasons individuals seek cosmetic dentistry, many of which are designed to eliminate oral pain or prevent future oral health issues.
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Dr. Peyman-Brentwood-Dental-Spa-1

Dr. Peyman Saghizadeh

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Cosmetic dentist driven by the passion to help others be the best versions of themselves. He graduated from New York University, College of Dentistry as one of the top students in his class in 2013. Dr. Payman stays apprised with the latest techniques in general dentistry, cosmetic dental care, dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, and smile makeovers. He is a certified Invisalign® provider and proud AIC Level 1 Implant Certificate holder.

Dr. Saman Saghizadeh

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Dental practitioner with a healthy sense of humor balanced neatly by his professionalism and passion for his dental career. He graduated from the New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry in 2013 with honors in Endodontics. He has honed his skills and gained valuable experience in all aspects of dentistry including preventative dentistry, dental implant placement, and dental restoration. He is also an Invisalign® certified provider and is always taking new courses to further his dental care expertise and be up-to-date with the latest dental technologies and practices.


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