7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Cosmetic Dentist

Aug 23, 2021

Are you wanting to find a cosmetic dentist?

The cosmetic dentist who performs your dental service can make a huge difference in the end results. If you want to get a smile you will love, you need to take each of your options for dental care into careful consideration. It’s essential to find someone who is friendly and professional.

But how do you know whether someone will be the right new dentist for you? We’ll go into the top 7 questions you should ask below. Keep reading to learn more!

1. How Much Will This Procedure Cost Me?

For many people, the cost of their dental procedures plays a significant role in determining which cosmetic dentist they see. Different dentists charge different amounts for their services.

As such, your final bill will be influenced by how much the dentist charges.

To make sure your service is affordable, ask each potential dentist how much your service will cost. This is especially important if you don’t have dental insurance, as you will be responsible for paying the full amount. Then, compare them, and select the ones who perform the best service for the best price.

What if all the dentists are too expensive? Ask about potential payment plans. 

2. Do You Take My Insurance?

Do you have dental insurance? 

If so, you should visit a cosmetic dentist who takes your coverage. Insurance plans all have a network of dentists that accept that form of insurance. Going to a dentist outside the network will result in you having to cover your full bill on your own.

Many dentists list the insurances they take on their websites. Regardless, you should call the dental office to ask if they accept your coverage. Sometimes, dental offices don’t update their insurance information right away, so you should always make sure nothing has changed.

You can also contact your insurance company to see which dentists are in-network.

3. Do You Specialize in the Services I Need?

Cosmetic dentists don’t perform all types of dental work. If you haven’t been told you qualify for certain cosmetic procedures, you should see a dentist for a consultation first.

The dentist will tell you which procedures you need. Then, you can ask whether that dentist performs that service.

Should you find yourself needing to find a new dentist, ask them if they perform your specific procedure on a regular basis. The more often they have performed your service, the more experience they will have. You want someone experienced to perform your dental work in order to get the best results.

4. Do You Regularly Work with Children?

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist for your child?

Sometimes, children need the services of a cosmetic dentist. If this is the case, you will need to know whether your cosmetic dentist has experience working with children. 

A good dentist for children will know how to put a child at ease. They will have a good rapport with the child and explain what’s happening in an age-appropriate way. They will also keep you informed of what’s happening.

Want to determine if a cosmetic dentist works well with children? Ask them if they’ve worked with kids often. If they have, schedule a consultation and give your child an opportunity to meet the dentist and ask their own questions. Pay attention to how the dentist interacts with your child. Afterward, ask the child whether they liked and trusted the dentist.

5. Do You Have Any Reviews I Can Read?

Want to know one of the best ways of finding the best cosmetic dentist? You should find out whether former patients have left any reviews. 

You can do this by asking the dentist whether they have any listings on third-party sites like Yelp or Google My Business. On these sites, former and current patients can write about their experiences with the dentist. They are asked to give the dentist a star rating. Their ratings are then averaged, so you can easily see how most people feel about the services they received.

If most of the reviews are positive, you might want to give this dentist a try. If many reviews are negative, look for another cosmetic dentist. 

6. What Are My Options for Treatment?

Different dentists may recommend different treatment options. To ensure you receive the best treatment, you should ask each potential dentist what they would do if they were treating you.

This also helps you feel more prepared for your procedure. If you know what will happen, you might experience less anxiety and more assurance.

7. How Long Have You Been a Cosmetic Dentist?

Finally, you want to take your dentist’s experience into consideration. Many great dentists enter the field every year. Still, those with more experience have more practice doing various procedures.

As such, you should ask how long a dentist has been in practice. That way, you’ll know you can have confidence in your dentist before you even sit in their chair.

Ready to Hire a Cosmetic Dentist?

Are you ready to find a cosmetic dentist? 

If so, asking the questions above can help you find someone who is experienced and provides the best services. You will also want to pay attention to the dentist’s demeanor. How comfortable do they make you? Are they friendly and informative?

If you want the best cosmetic dentist in the Brentwood area, you’ve come to the right place. Our dental services team is ready and willing to provide the services you need.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to get started!

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