How Does KöR Teeth Whitening Treatment Work?

Apr 11, 2022

A dazzling white smile is an essential part of the LA look.

Maybe you’ve tried laser treatments and at-home kits. Have you found that many products simply don’t deliver on their promises?

KöR teeth whitening treatment is different. Rather than just giving you 2-3 years of whitening, this system achieves long-term results. Plus, they can succeed where other whitening treatments fail.

Before you ask your Los Angeles dentist for KöR teeth whitening, let’s take a closer look at exactly how it works.

How KöR Teeth Whitening Works

KöR teeth whitening claims to be the most effective teeth whitening system in the world. Like many options on the market, it uses teeth bleaching to achieve results. However, the way they do things is a little different.

The four key principles of KöR teeth whitening are:

  • Use high-potency whitening gels
  • Keep the gels refrigerated at all times
  • Use KöR-Seal™ trays
  • Follow every step of the KöR system

KöR Whitening Gels

KöR teeth whitening solutions are high-potency, harnessing the power of hydrogen peroxide. But what really sets them apart from the competition is KöR’s insistence on continuous refrigeration.

Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable chemical. That’s what makes it so effective at bleaching teeth. It breaks down in the mouth and releases bleaching byproducts.

But it’s not just the heat of your mouth that causes hydrogen peroxide to start to break down. If it is not kept cold from the moment of manufacture, it will have broken down long before it reaches you. Days spent in hot freight vehicles and warehouses cause the bleach to degrade even further.

Hydrogen peroxide also becomes more acidic as it breaks down. That’s why regular, non-refrigerated teeth bleaching gels often cause pain or sensitivity.

KöR-gels also use a tri-barrel hydremide peroxide formulation. Three chemicals are kept separate and are only mixed immediately prior to use. The result is a formulation that can eliminate the most stubborn of stains.

The Power of Continuous Refrigeration

KöR teeth whitening gels are refrigerated from manufacture to the moment they are used in the dentist’s office. This means that they do not need to use chemical stabilizers. These stabilizers also make other whitening systems less effective.

The KöR gel used on your teeth is at its most potent, but also its kindest to your teeth. There is much less risk of pain when the dentist applies KöR gels.

KöR-Seal™ Trays

KöR-Seal™ trays are another unique part of the process.

Our mouths are naturally moist environments. If saliva enters the whitening trays, it will quickly dilute the gel, making it less effective.

KöR-Seal™ trays use a special design to fit tightly and keep fluids out. At home, you can use the trays to keep the whitening gel in constant contact with your teeth for up to 10 hours!

When you combine high-potency gel and time, amazing things happen to tooth enamel. It is rejuvenated and is more receptive to future whitening treatments. This makes it easier to maintain your dazzling smile.

Follow Every Step

KöR has carefully put together four teeth whitening programs. To get the best results, it is important to follow every step.

They are all vital to achieving long-term, outstanding results, so no cheating!

KöR Teeth Whitening Options

KöR has developed four teeth whitening solutions. They suit people with different needs and schedules.

All KöR treatment packages begin with a consultation with your Brentwood dentist. He or she will talk you through the different packages, their suitability, and their cost.

KöR Home

KöR Home is a home whitening kit that is generally the most cost-effective option. There are two systems: KöR-Night™ and KöR-Day™.

KöR-Night™ is a two-week treatment course. After that, only periodic maintenance is needed. You will sleep with the KöR-Seal™ trays in.

KöR-Day™ is for people who cannot sleep wearing the KöR-Seal™ trays. The course will usually take more than two weeks, as you won’t be able to wear the trays for as long as KöR-Night™. Typically you will wear them for a few hours once or twice a day, followed by periodic maintenance.


This is their most popular and most successful treatment. It starts with a single whitening session at the dentist’s office. Then you continue using the trays at home for two weeks, with periodic maintenance after that.


As we age, our teeth naturally get darker or start to yellow. KöR ULTRA can eliminate even these though, age-related staining. It is also suitable for other types of badly stained teeth.

It starts with a session at the dentist’s office and continues with three to four weeks of at-home treatment.


If you have tetracycline staining, you may have been told that it’s not possible to whiten your teeth. That’s before the invention of KöR ULTRA-T.

After initial treatment by your dentist, you’ll continue with up to eight weeks of treatment at home. One final treatment in the dentist’s office completes the procedure.

Maintaining Your Smile

Whichever treatment option you choose, it’s easy to maintain the just-whitened look.

Simply periodically repeat the treatment at home using refrigerated KöR gel. Your dentist will talk to you about how often you need to do this.

Ready for Your KöR Whitening Treatment?

You’ve tried the rest, now it’s time to try the best. The KöR teeth whitening treatment is based firmly on science. Follow the system and keep the gels cool, and you’ll achieve a permanent, bright, white smile.

The team at Brentwood Dental Spa knows exactly how to deliver Hollywood smiles. Come in for a consultation. We’ll talk you through how the KöR teeth whitening procedure can help you achieve your best smile.

Call us at (310) 409-4444 or request an appointment today!

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