8 Reasons Why Pediatric Dentistry Is Important:

May 16, 2022

Research shows that dental caries is the most prevalent chronic disease among children in the US. Your child is 7 times more likely to develop dental decay than hay fever. What’s more, is that your young one is more vulnerable to dental caries than asthma. Pediatric dentistry plays an integral role in ensuring that children lead a normal and healthy life.

It helps to prevent problems that may arise due to untreated cavities and other periodontal diseases. These include eating, learning, and most importantly speaking difficulties among children.

Moreover, over 50 % of children aged between 6 and 8 years experienced a cavity in at least one of their baby teeth. The good news is that most of the dental problems that affect children are preventable.

This post will highlight the importance of pediatric dentistry in the growth and development of healthy children.

1. Teaches Parents and Caregivers to Care for Children’s Teeth

Most parents and caregivers don’t know how to take care of children’s teeth. While some struggle to clean the youngsters’ teeth, others don’t even have a clue on how to do it. Unfortunately, this could affect a child’s oral health negatively.

Taking your child to a Brentwood, CA pediatric dentist from an early age presents a learning opportunity. It teaches you the best practices for caring for your toddler’s teeth. The care tips may include how to clean their teeth, foods that are harmful to your child’s oral health, and so on.

2. Prevents Cavities and Tooth Decay

Taking your young one to the dentist at an early age helps to keep various diseases at bay. These include cavities and tooth decay.

Additionally, it fosters early diagnosis and treatment. For instance, some of your child’s teeth could be decaying without your knowledge. A pediatric dentist may identify the underlying problem and stop it in good time.

3. Instills Good Habits

Apart from your child’s oral health, visits to the pediatric dentist instill invaluable oral care habits in your child.

During the first visits to a pediatric dentist, your child could be fearful and unsettled. However, these dentists have the skills to make each dental check-up a fun experience for your young one.

Once your child becomes accustomed to seeing a dentist, this habit becomes invaluable to them. It continues into their adulthood years and helps them to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

4. Eliminates Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety and phobia may prevent your children from getting the much-needed dental care. Although there is a first time for everything, older children who have never been to a dentist tend to be more fearful of the experience.

Moreover, dentists have all kinds of scary equipment for a child. These include the dental setting, drill, needles, and much more. For these reasons, your youngster may take time to warm up to a dentist.

When you introduce visits to a pediatric dentist in Brentwood at an early age, your child gets used to it. They understand that there is nothing to fear. And they become eager to honor their dental checks ups every year.

5. Easier Treatment

Some children handle a visit to the dentist much easier than others. However, parents don’t want their children to go through invasive dental procedures such as root canals. And children are equally distraught by these procedures.

Regular dental checkups allow the dentist to identify any issues that could lead to invasive dental procedures early. For instance, an advanced cavity in your child’s teeth could require a root canal. However, if a dentist catches it early, a simple treatment procedure such as a filling could resolve it.

6. Regular Teeth Cleanings

Tooth decay may occur as soon as the first tooth erupts. The problem is that most parents struggle to clean the teeth of their young ones. Regular visits to a pediatric dentist could translate into frequent teeth cleanings.

Pediatric dentists have the skills to clean a children’s teeth properly.  They disrupt any development of plaque and tartar on a child’s teeth. Hence, harmful bacteria fail to find a place to nestle on your child’s teeth.

If bacteria do not have a place to dwell in your child’s mouth, their chances of experiencing tooth decay decrease significantly.

7. Preventative Dental Care

Children require dental care more than adults. Their bone structures are in the formation stage during the early years. Most importantly, their teeth are developing.

Preventative dental care ensures that your child’s teeth are growing as they should. Pediatric dentists work to make sure that any obstacles do not compromise your child’s future dental health.

During the early years, the dentists can intercept potential issues surrounding your young ones’ teeth.  These issues include misalignment, cavities, bite problems, and more.

Pediatric dentistry in Brentwood uses preventative dental care applications such as dental sealants, space maintenance, fluoride treatment, and so on. The goal is to ensure the development of youngsters’ teeth goes on as smoothly as possible.

8. Overall Healthcare

In terms of overall healthcare, a pediatric dentist offers more than you can imagine. They undergo rigorous medical training. As a result, they understand the human body more than you can expect.

Your child’s mouth could lead to other issues such as migraine. This is a condition that could arise from temporomandibular joint disorder. Chills and fever in your child may emanate from tonsils.

The bottom line is that a simple dental observation from pediatric dentists could contribute immensely to your child’s health.

Pediatric Dentistry Services in Brentwood, CA

Overlooking pediatric dentistry could mean that your child will grow up with a dental issue that could have been avoided.

If you are a resident of Brentwood, CA, access to a meticulous pediatric dental facility should not be a problem.  At Brentwood Dental Spa, we provide a wide array of dental care services.  Our services include restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, zoom tech whitening, and much more.

Contact us today, for all your childs’ dental health issues.

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