Emergency Dentistry in Los Angeles: What Services Are Available?

Jul 11, 2022

Oral health is an often overlooked aspect of overall wellness for many people. We tend to push through any tooth pain or issues we’re having with our teeth to complete our daily tasks. But leaving your oral health untreated can lead to serious oral health problems that can become serious and debilitating. 

When you begin to experience any kind of dental pain or problems, it’s crucial to be seen by a dentist as quickly as you can. The faster you solve the problem, the less damage and pain it can cause. 

As you’re experiencing dental pain, it can be difficult to know whether you should seek emergency dentistry help or not. This guide outlines the most common LA dentistry services you can get in an emergency and how they can help you. 

Fixing Cracked or Damaged Teeth

Many true dental emergencies come when there has been some kind of incident that’s resulted in cracked, damaged, or loose teeth. This is especially common for kids who can be so active but clumsy at the same time. 

A tooth is its own little system where all of the vulnerable parts like the roots and nerves are inside being protected by the hard surfaces of the tooth. When that exterior protective layer is broken it leaves those inner parts at a much bigger risk for damage themselves. And that can lead to serious problems and a lot of pain. 

When you suddenly get a cracked or damaged tooth, it’s a good idea to find a 24-hour emergency dentistry clinic and get things checked out. At the very least, to figure out what the next steps should be. 

Tooth Removal

Sometimes there really is nothing that can be done to save the tooth from the damage that has been done (whether that’s due to an accident or an infection) and the tooth needs to be pulled. The quicker you can get the tooth removed by a dentist, the faster you’ll start to feel some relief.

A dentist can assess the situation and determine if there are any courses of action that can save the tooth or not. 

Getting a tooth removed by a dentist is the best way to make sure you’ll be able to get an implant in its place. They’ll make a clean removal to avoid further problems for that area. 

Clearing Out Infection

A lot of instances of tooth pain and discomfort come when there is an infection present in the mouth. Generally, the infection will be localized to one specific area but can spread between the gums and teeth easily. 

Occasionally, the infection will become so bad that there is a pocket of puss can be found near the base of the tooth. This is extremely painful and will make it hard to perform any kind of movement. There also is often a lot of swelling present during these situations which adds to the problem. 

The first step in getting rid of the infection is to drain the abscess and start to clear out the puss. Once that’s done, you should start to heal and get back to normal. 

Inspecting Pain 

Tooth pain is always uncomfortable and distracting from daily life but it isn’t always clear where it’s coming from. This makes it difficult to know what needs to be done to get back to normal. 

When the pain becomes unbearable (actually, even before you get to that point) you should see an emergency dentist. 

There are so many reasons you could be having these issues and a dentist knows the best ways to get to the root problem of your toothache. From there they can either get started on your treatment plan or make suggestions for the future. It’s better to see a dentist than try to wait out the pain and have it turn into a larger issue. 

Missing Crowns and Appliances 

Regular visits to the dentist often result in a variety of additions to your teeth or jaw. When those things fall out or get damaged, they can leave the teeth more susceptible to infection or other problems. Not to mention how much additional pain and discomfort. 

Dental crowns play an important role in keeping the tooth strong and fixing the problems left by cavities but they can occasionally fall out. That loss can leave a hole where the roots and nerves are fully exposed. Many people experience sharp pains in the tooth when this happens which makes it difficult to do anything else. 

Whether it’s a crown or an orthodontic appliance that needs to be replaced, getting into an LA emergency dentist can make all the difference. 

Reducing Pressure from Swelling 

For many people, the first sign of a problem within their teeth and mouth is swelling, often within the gums.

You’ll first start to notice that your gums feel tight and uncomfortable. Next, they may turn red and the discomfort will turn into more pain. Finally, you may be able to see how distended they become. 

Swelling of any kind is never a good thing but can be particularly bad if you let it go for too long in your gums. An emergency dentist can help you figure out why there is swelling and then the best course of action to reduce it. It’s really important to take care of these issues before they spread and become very serious. 

Emergency Dentistry Services Available to You 

Being in any kind of pain makes it difficult to manage any tasks including making decisions about getting care. This is magnified when it’s tooth pain, which can feel like it takes over your whole body. 

Even if you suspect you might need any emergency dentistry services, it’s time to make an appointment! It’s always better to be safe than sorry in these situations. The longer you let the problem go, the worse it can become and lead to some serious consequences that will be both expensive and hard to fix. 

If you’re in need of a great LA dentist who can help you through your dental pain, contact us today! 

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