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Brentwood Dental Spa is a full-service dental practice with two California offices: Brentwood Dental Spa in Los Angeles, and the Brentwood Dental Spa in Brentwood. Both locations provide a full range of dental care from teeth whitening to full-mouth reconstruction. You will experience professional artistry in such services as cosmetic, restorative, implants, and oral surgery.
The following paragraphs describe our restorative denture services and explain the differences between options. All options improve your smile and increase your ability to chew, making digestion better, and heighten your self-confidence in your appearance. The partial options also help strengthen the alignment of your remaining teeth.


What Are Full Dentures?

Traditional dentures replace a full set of teeth. They rest on top of your gums. The process usually takes place 8-12 weeks after the dental professional removes all your teeth.
Full dentures do not anchor to existing teeth like dental bridges.

What steps are involved in full dentures?

1.Mouth Health Examination — The dentist will check out the general health of your mouth, gums, soft tissue. Your dental professionals want to be sure your mouth is healthy enough to support dentures.
2.Your second visit is when the dentist will measure the length of your teeth. They will also examine the relationship between your upper and lower jaw. These steps are to ensure that the new dentures will fit naturally in your mouth.
3.Your third visit allows you to try out a set of wax teeth. They will feel like real dentures but fit loosely to allow the dentist to make any final adjustments to size.
4.Your new smile is ready to take home! You will get used to eating and talking with your new teeth and your appearance will look much improved.

Dental Denture
What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are also called removable dentures, or you may hear them referred to as bridges. These artificial teeth appliances come into play when several natural teeth remain in the mouth. The purpose of the partial bridge is twofold: not only does it replace the missing teeth, but it prevents the remaining natural teeth from shifting position. Bridges can be fixed or removable.
A removable bridge is made up of several replacement teeth attached to a pink plastic base. Then, a metal frame usually secures the bridge in the mouth. You can remove this type of bridge at will.
Fixed bridges replace missing teeth by securing artificial teeth in between the natural teeth that lie to either side of the missing teeth. To do this, your dentist crowns the natural teeth adjacent to the missing teeth. (You may hear people refer to crowns as caps, a somewhat old-fashioned term that was used in years gone by. Today, dentists refer to these custom restorations as crowns.) The fixed bridge is made up of the anchor crowns and the artificial replacement teeth. Your dentist then cements the partial, fixed bridge into place.



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Dental Partial Denture
Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are the option between full-mouth conventional dentures and full-mouth dental implants. Advantages to implant supported dentures are that they:

  • Do not rely on adhesive like full-mouth dentures or fixed bridges,
  • Are less bulky,
  • Increase the ability of the tongue to move freely in the mouth, and
  • Give greater access to the palate, so taste improves over full-mouth or partial removable dentures.

One of the greatest benefits to implant supported dentures is the patient’s ability to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables (like apples, corn on the cob) and other foods that people with dentures tend to avoid. The other advantage is that these dentures snap on and off which makes cleaning as easy as conventional removable dentures.

To learn more about how the Brentwood Dental Spa in Los Angeles or the Brentwood Dental Spa professionals can help you resolve your dental issues, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get your smile back.


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