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Understanding Dental Crowns in Brentwood: Restoring Lost Tooth Structure

We want to restore what was lost. If you have a lost existing filling and/or a broken cusp and/or if you have missing tooth structure due to decay; the tooth cannot just be restored with a tooth colored filling (composite resin). A Crown is the most appropriate choice for the restorative option.

When diagnosed a crown is prepared and placed to protect and preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure.

What is a Dental Crown:

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped dental prosthesis (cap) that covers the entire visible portion of the tooth (above the gum line). Once the structure is built up and prepared for the crown by our highly skilled practitioners; the crown is cemented into place.


When It comes to a bridge the process is similar. The only difference between a crown and a bridge, with a bridge you are missing a tooth that needs to be replaced by a span of crowns linked together.

In the process of preparing the bridge; the doctor prepares the adjacent teeth (as anchors) to hold (retain) to place a functional, permanently cemented bridge. This bridge option can be spanned within a range of teeth starting with three. Two anchors and one pontic; replacing the missing tooth is achieved with a pontic (artificial tooth).

When Is a Crown/Bridge Needed:

A crown/bridge may become necessary if any of the following takes place:

  • A broken (fracture) tooth
  • A missing tooth

A bridge could be the best restoration option for you depending upon your clinical examination.

  • A cosmetic improvement
  • A decayed tooth that needs strengthening provided by a crown

It’s a hard decision to make when choosing the right dentist, but we make it easy when you choose Brentwood Dental Spa.

Benefits of Choosing Brentwood Dental Crowns and Bridges 

At Brentwood Dental Spa, our commitment goes beyond just resolving immediate dental issues; it’s about restoring the natural beauty and function of your smile. Dental crowns and bridges stand as a testament to this approach. Crowns not only save and strengthen a damaged tooth but also help in achieving a flawless smile. Bridges, on the other hand, efficiently bridge the gap left by a missing tooth, preventing potential misalignments and bite problems. Together, these restorative options help patients reclaim their confidence, oral health, and overall well-being.

Materials and Customization:

Our practice understands that every patient’s needs are unique, which is why we offer crowns and bridges made of various materials ranging from porcelain, and ceramics, to even gold. The materials we use are biocompatible, durable, and are designed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. With the advanced technology at our disposal, we ensure that every crown or bridge we create is tailored to fit seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Our skilled practitioners will work closely with you, taking into consideration your facial structure, tooth shade, and personal preferences to craft a bespoke solution.

Longevity and Care:

While dental crowns and bridges are known for their durability, their longevity often depends on the care they receive. At Brentwood Dental Spa, we equip our patients with the knowledge and tips to ensure the long life of their restorations. Regular check-ups, proper oral hygiene, and avoiding certain hard or sticky foods can greatly enhance the life of your crowns or bridges. With proper care, these restorations can last many years, making them a worthy investment in the health and beauty of your smile. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the best out of your dental solutions.

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