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Invisalign® treatment is simple. Flexible, dependable, durable, but also transparent. Invisalign® a series of clear custom-made tray aligners. Each tray is worn approximately one-two weeks (depending upon treatment). These trays are comfortably worn and removed anytime.

The first step:

The first step is booking an appointment to do a full evaluation to see if your a candidate.

When qualifying:

We start the process with taking records. Records are taken in order to formulate a treatment plan specifically tailored for you. We use the latest technology offered with scanning your teeth; there are no impressions needed. The best part about the process? We show you your projected results before you start treatment. Working with Invisalign we customize a treatment plan specifically tailored to you and address all your concerns before we even start the process to finalize. Once we present your projected results That’s when you will make the decision if you want to proceed with the treatment, or if there’s any changes that you would like to make before proceeding.

Most people associate Invisalign® as cosmetic. But there is so much more that it can do for you.


  • Proper alignment gives function when chewing (avoiding long-term inevitable toothaches when not correcting a misaligned bite)
  • Periodontal health eliminates overtime bone loss that can occur from overlapped teeth trapping calculus.
  • Amazing results A smile worth talking about incredible proven results. Not only taken notice by others; but also boosting any one’s confidence.

These removable clear aligners not only provided a way for people to have flexibility in removing the aligners to enjoy your meals; but they can easily be placed back in. This ground breaking technology allows you to floss, brush and maintain your hygiene with ease.

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