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The best way to avoid dental issues becoming treatment issues is to practice preventative dental care. The way to practice preventative dental care is to develop daily brushing and flossing habits and to have periodic dental exams. The Brentwood Dental Spa provides modern cosmetic dentistry in a relaxing setting and, best of all, they offer complete dental exams.

Complete Dental Exams Keep You Smiling

Complete dental exams are a diagnostic tool that help your dentist identify changes in your mouth before they become problems. For example, complete dental exams:

  • Detect oral cancer which can become a life-threatening disease and appears in various ways;
  • Identify plaque, tartar, and cavities;
  • Determine the incidence of gum disease.

You want your dentist to help you maintain your oral health because doctors know that oral health is an indication of overall body health and, in some circumstances, can exacerbate or cause serious health conditions, like Alzheimer’s Disease, and heart disease. Other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and even lupus often show early signs in the mouth.

You Know the Score: The Complete Dental Exam Process


A complete dental exam includes:

  • Diagnostic X-rays, including panoramic X-rays, to show the condition of your teeth and bones;
  • A visual and manual examination of your cheeks, gums, lips, tongue, and lymph nodes;
  • A check for periodontal disease (gum disease);
  • An examination for bite problems (including under bite, over bite, and poor alignment), worn teeth, and jaw issues (TMJ, for example); and
  • An intense visual examination of your teeth and prior restorative work, looking for missing teeth, cracked teeth, and any restorative work that you need to improve your smile and your oral health; and
    Naturally, a good teeth cleaning, and possibly fluoride treatment.

These visual and manual examinations tell your dentist what procedures you may need to keep your mouth healthy. Your dentist may even have suggestions for a change in diet and oral hygiene habits. You should definitely tell your dentist about any medicines you take since medicines can cause dental health issues, like gum disease or dry mouth that can cause cavities.
Just remember: you and your dentist are a team. The complete dental exam is designed to keep you smiling.

Dental Complete exams

The Dental Detective: Finding Issues Other Than Just Cavities

A periodic dental exam becomes more critical as people age. Dental exams can detect nutritional deficiencies. There are changes in your mouth as you age, too, like receding gums, shrinking nerves inside the teeth, and years of wear take a toll on your teeth and your oral health.
People of all ages can develop high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, all health conditions that people with gum disease are more prone to have.


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